Teams Set in Motion Program Application

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We are excited you are committing to your relationship with your dog and their training. 

This program is a self-paced online program. Most people complete it in 3-6 months, though many choose to continue their enrollment to maintain access to the online resources and support community. 

You and your dog will receive training and support that will set you up for success with your dog. It is a great preparation course if you want to later apply for our Client Certification program.  This course does NOT train your dog to do all of the skills necessary to be a service dog. This program will give you and your dog a really solid foundation be they your pet, your emotional support animal, a future therapy dog, or your future service dog.  It gives you the foundation you need to be successful with any future endeavors with your dog.

Training a working dog (or pet) is hard. By taking this program, you are giving yourself and your furry friend the support and knowledge to make it easier on you both.
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